Force #2 Overall Seed Out of 50 in Cooperstown...

Posted by Force Sports Club on Aug 14 2017 at 05:49PM PDT

Force Baseball Club went 6-0 in Cooperstown to achieve the overall #2 Seed in the Single Elimination tournament. They were one game away from the Championship game, losing to a finalist by one run in the last inning. Force finished the tournament with a 7-1 record. They were #5 overall out of 50 teams at the end of the day. Overall Force had the 11th most homeruns out of the 50 teams present. Out of over 620 players in the tournament, Addison Klepsch was tied for 17th place overall in homeruns (with 5) and Matthew Rosello & Ryan Kroepel were tied for 37th in homeruns (with 4 each).