Force LevelUP Collegiate Consulting Program

Posted by Force Sports Club on Oct 29 2020 at 09:57AM PDT

The Force LevelUp Collegiate Consulting Program is for Frosh through Senior-level players, providing a bridge to that next step. It provides parents and players with a combination of tools to take them all the way through the process. The program starts with the “Basic Membership” that gets parents educated on their options, the college sports process and provides a forum for Q&A. Players and families will be able to work through their college recruiting journey with Force by their side all throughout. The “Premier Membership” is an add-on to the basic membership that provides the next level of service for those looking for additional support with coordination. Here players work with our College Recruiting Team in a one-on-one setting to further help them through their specific journey.

How to Get Started?
To get started visit our website:

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